About Us

In our London showroom we stock every type of precious and semi-precious gemstone, in all the standard cuts & sizes, as well as diamonds and a large selection of unique, individual stones. We also stock a full range of synthetic and paste stones, together with beads, pearls, cameos, stone specimens and objet d’art.

oooooWe also have a wide selection of individual stones, that we are happy to supply on a 14 day approval for all account customers.
oooooWe offer a full jobbing service and have no minimum order requirements, however, it should  be noted that discounts are offered on all stones when purchased in quantity.
Where possible we offer a 24 hour turn around on postal jobbing.
oooooThe goods we stock are generally all "A" quality material, clean stones with good colour and cut. However, many gemstones come in various qualities and colours, most of which are also available. Please feel free to phone and enquire so we may ascertain your exact requirements and be able to offer approximate prices.

oooooOur stock is ever expanding as we discover new suppliers and respond to the requests of our customers. As well as everything shown on this website, we also have ranges of kunzite, morganite, alexandrite, chrome diopside, yellow and green beryl, together with many more rare and unusual gemstones.


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