The fact that diamond is an extremely beautiful stone, and that it is virtually indestructible makes it one of the most desired of gemstones. No other stone has the awe inspiring reputation of the diamond.
00000The diamond is pure carbon and the hardest material known to man and without that quality our lives would be altered for the worse. It is hard to imagine a world without them. Industry relies on them to a remarkable degree. Surgeons use diamond bladed scalpels. In fact there are as many uses for them as there are facets on a brilliant cut stone.
00000Gardner Williams, the African mining engineer who became General Manager of DeBeers in the 1890's said, "To win them, temples have been profaned, Princes tortured, women strangled, guests poisoned by their hosts, and slaves disembowelled. Some have fallen on battlefields to be picked up by ignorant freebooters and sold for a few silver coins. Others have been cast into ditches by thieves or swallowed by guards, or sunk in shipwrecks, or broken to powder in moments of frenzy. No strain of fancy in an Arabian tale has out-stripped the marvels of fact in the diamond's history"

Diamond is reputed to promote prosperity, generosity, love and spirituality.

Chemical Composition - C
Crystal System - Cubic
Hardness - 10
R.I. 2.417-2.420
SG - 3.51-3.53

Being pure carbon the stone will burn in an atmosphere of oxygen or if heated to a very high temperature. It is unaffected by acids.

Diamonds are cut in many different shapes and styles. Rounds being brilliant cut, 8 cut and Swiss cut. Squares as step or princess cut, as well as pears, marquise, baguettes, hearts etc. Also there are old style cuts found in antique jewellery

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Colour - the CIBJO colour scale

These tables are part of the CIBJO rules and are based on
the master stones officially recognised on 27th April 1978.
For comparison the G.I.A. terms are also shown

Under 0.47ct 0.47ct and over G.I.A
Exceptional White +
Exceptional White
Rare White
Rare White +
Rare White
White White H    
Slightly Tinted White Slightly Tinted White I
Slightly Tinted White J
Tinted White Tinted White K
Tinted White L
Tinted Colour Tinted Colour M
Fancy Diamond Fancy Diamond Fancy    


The quality and price is affected by the colour and clarity of the stone.
The clarity must be examined under 10x magnification in normal light
by means of an achromatic, aplanatic lens.

Under 0.47ct 0.47ct and over CIBJO clarity scale
Loupe Clean Loupe Clean Absolutely transparent and free from inclusions.
vvs vvs1
Very very small inclusion(s). Very hard to find with a 10x loupe.
vs vs1
Very small inclusion(s) which can hardly be found with a 10x loupe.
si si1
Small inclusion(s). Easy to find with a 10x loupe. Not seen with the naked eye through the crown side
Pique I Pique I Inclusion(s) immediately evident with a 10x loupe. Difficult to find with the naked eye through the crown.
Pique II Pique II Large and/or numerous inclusion(s) easily visible to the naked eye through the crown side and which slightly reduce brilliancy.  
Pique III Pique III Large and/or numerous inclusion(s) very easily visible to the naked eye through the crown side and which reduce the brilliancy.  


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