Garnet is generally thought of a cheap substitute for ruby, but to encourage that belief does little service to one of the most important genus of gemstones. The colours of garnet span the rainbow, from red to purple, from light to dark green. Ranging in price from a few pence to hundreds of pounds itís easy to see why this is one of the most misunderstood stones.
00oo0 Other members of the family include almandine (purplish red), rhodolite (pinkish to purplish red), tsavorite (bright green), demantoid (yellowish green), hessonite (brownish yellow).
00000Garnet inspires love and stimulates blood-flow, or so itís believed. It is supposed to aid creativity, and enhance passion.


Location - Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, Thailand, India. 

Group - Garnet

R.I. - 1.72-1.87

Hardness - 7.5



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