Green Agate


The variety of agates is vast, taking in as it does Botswana, jasper, onyx, bloodstone, chalcedony, moss and dendritic. Popular with the makers of Celtic (Scots pebble) jewellery, as well as being a mainstay of much mainstream jewellery, agate is popular because of its diversity and toughness. It is also used in horology for bearings and balance staffs.
00000Most of the agates commercially available such as onyx, cornelian, green and blue agate are stained treated to obtain their colours.
00000Each of the agates are reputed to have healing properties, but in general the stone strengthens body and mind, and imparts courage.
00000We stock both cabochon and faceted green agates


Location - Worldwide


Group  - Silica

R.I - 1.530-1.540

Hardness - 7



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