Even as far back as 1000BC the Chinese have revered jade and treated it as their most precious stone. Collections of carved jade, even to this day, are a source of much prestige.
000000However jade is not only found in the far east. Axe head, arrows and other items of jade were common in Egypt, Central America, and New Zealand.
00000There is much confusion over the different types of jade. A nephrite carving can be obtained for a few pounds, whereas the same item carved in Imperial Jade would cost thousands. This distinction is important to understand. Imperial Jade is found mostly in Myanmar (Burma) and is much more rare than jadeite or nephrite found in other parts of the world.
00000The Chinese attribute the most important characteristics in their lives to jade- courage, justice, humility and wisdom.

Location - Myanmar, Egypt, New Zealand, Russia

Group - Pyroxene  R.I. - 1.65-1.67   H -0 6-7


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