Kunzite is the lilac-pink variety of spodumene. It is strongly pleochroic, meaning there is a colour intensity variation when a crystal is viewed from the top or bottom, then from other directions. The top and bottom of the crystal reveal the deepest colours and experienced lapidaries take advantage of this effect. Because of kunzite’s cleavage, splintery fracture and strong pleochroism it’s considered a real lapidary’s challenge. Its delicate pink colour makes kunzite an attractive and desirable gemstone. It should be noted though that the colour is extremely sensitive to ultra-violet light, therefore kunzite should never be worn whilst sunbathing or on a sun bed. Jewellers should be aware of this characteristic when displaying kunzite in their shop windows. The colour will fade after prolonged exposure to UV light!


Location - USA, Brazil, Madagascar

Group - Spodumene   R. I. - 1.660 – 1.675  H - 6 - 7



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