Moonstone is a translucent stone identified by the ray of light that spans it surface, the moonstone is as popular today as it was in Victorian times for use in rings and brooches.
00000Moonstone is found in a variety of shades though white and bluish white are by far the most common. However we are now stocking both grey and peach coloured stones as well as the more common varieties.
00000Commercial blue moonstone is heavily included and is sometimes called "Rainbow" moonstone. Because of the inclusions the material is relative inexpensive. Fine blue moonstone is a much more expensive material. It is virtually inclusion free and this clarity is reflected in the price
00000It is believed to be a true balancer of emotions and is reputed to be very good for feminine energy. It is also said to help in childbirth.
  Location - Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, India, Australia.  
Group - Feldspar R. I. - 1.52-1.54 H - 6-6.5

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