Peridot is one of the most important green stones. At one time it was mistaken for emerald, but its yellowish-green colour sets it apart from its more expensive cousin.
00000The Ancients called it the “gemstone of the sun”, and the Crusaders returning from the Holy Land brought it to Europe, where it became a popular and sought after gemstone. Popular again now in modern designer jewellery, its pastel shades compliment other stones such as aquamarine and pink tourmaline.
00000Peridot has the power to banish demons and to diminish the thirst of those suffering from serious illness. It is said to help regenerate many organs including the liver, pancreas and heart.


Location = Brazil, USA, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Egypt.

Group - Olivine  R. I. - 1.65-1.69 Hardness - 7.5


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