One of the most popular gemstones, Ruby is a crystallized aluminium oxide, and has exactly the same chemical composition as sapphire. Only small amounts of colouring trace elements separates them.
00000From a dark, “pigeon-blood” red to a light pink the ruby has proved its popularity in jewellery for hundreds of years. Perhaps the finest stones come from the Mogok region in northern Myanmar (Burma). Until recently all mining was state-run and private mining of these rubies was prohibited and the trade in them illegal.
The ruby wearer is thought to be endowed with health, happiness and wisdom. Rubies are supposed to strengthen the heart emotionally, provide an energy boost and to increase personal courage.
00000We carry a large range of Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds in stock in all sizes from 1mm round, along with ovals, pear shapes, marquise, square, baguette, trillion etc.
00000We keep several qualities ranging from the commercial at a few pounds per carat/stone to fine gem qualities at £1000per ct +. Our stock comes from many countries of the world including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Australia, Madagascar and Africa.
00000Please contact us with your requirements, or send a sample for us to match, and we will quote you for that particular quality.


Location - Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Africa.

Group - Corundum  R.I. - 1.760-1.775 DR Hardness - 9




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