One of the most popular gemstones, Sapphire is a crystallized aluminium oxide, and has exactly the same chemical composition as ruby. Only small amounts of colouring trace elements separates them.
00000Sapphires come in varying qualities from the dark, blackish blue usually sourced from Australia, to the beautiful corn- flower blue of the Kashmir stones. As well as differing qualities, Sapphire can be found in many colours ; pink, purple, yellow, lilac, green, white, and even orange.
00000Pink sapphire is a stone that is growing in popularity. More durable than pink tourmaline - it's closest colour rival - and with a brilliance that's hard to match, it has become a favourite with jewellery designers young and not quite so young. Like so much in the gemstone world it has become more readily available in recent years, and accordingly prices have dropped to reflect this.
The sapphire is associated with many magical powers, including the ability to heal wounds, and as an antidote for poisons. 00000It is believed to amplify intuitive ability, and is useful as an aid to meditation.
00000We supply sapphires of all qualities and keep a wide stock of "fancy" colours.


Location - Australia, Thailand, Africa, Sri Lanka, USA.

Group - Corundum R. I. --1.760-1.775 DR  Hardness - 9

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