Tanzanite is the blue coloured example of Zoisite found in Tanzania - hence the name. A recent discovery, the stone has only been available since the 1960's. Since then it has become one of the more popular and desirable gemstones. In the 60's Tiffany's launched a campaign to introduce the stone to the international market. Because of the unstable supply at the time most of the stones available were extremely expensive and were, in the main, collectors' pieces. However once supply stabilised in the 1980's so did the prices, falling to the present levels.
00000Despite the fact that the stone has only been available for just over 30 years, it is still believed to have powers to help expand physical and mental sight and is also beneficial to the skin.


Location - Tanzania

Group - Zoisite  R.I. -  1.69-1.70 DR Hardness - 6-7


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