Tourmaline is found in a variety of colours but by far the most recognised is a characteristic bottle green. Perhaps one of the most beautiful stones of this family is the rare, emerald green chrome tourmaline.
00000Tourmalines show interesting colour effects. At times these colours appear in layers, giving what is known as a "watermelon" effect. Pink tourmaline (also known as Rubelite - though this is a misnomer, suggesting as it does a relationship to ruby, which is of course a completely different stone) tends to be more valuable than the common green. More valuable still is the very rare red tourmaline.
00000The green tourmaline is said help asthma sufferers and to reinvigorate the heart. Pink tourmaline helps with emotional and spiritual love and brings trust.

Location -  Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, USA, Sri Lanka, Africa

Group - Tourmaline R.I. - 1.620-1.650 DR Hardness - 7-7.5

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