Treated Black Diamond

  Black diamonds are not new. They have been a curiosity for centuries, enjoying varying degrees of popularity. While some can be quite attractive, with a very mysterious and alluring character, many people think they look like the inexpensive stone hematite; some natural black diamonds have even been misidentified as this much cheaper stone. They are typically opaque, very heavily included, often with surface reaching inclusions and fractures that mar desirability. They are also very difficult to cut, so you often find them with poor makes. Nonetheless, there have always been collectors of black diamonds and designers who have enjoyed using them to create unusual pieces. Black diamond briolettes have also been much sought after for necklaces and earrings, especially those with an antique look. 
Antoinette Matlins - Rappaport)
Virtually all black diamonds on the market have been irradiated.
Group - Carbon R.I - R.I. 2.417-2.420 Hardness - 10


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