Turquoise is the oldest known gemstone, having been found set in jewellery from 7000 years ago. The stone was worshipped by the Incas and Aztecs who believed it had the power to bring good fortune. It was extremely popular in Native American jewellery and is still popular in modern day jewellery.
00000The highest quality turquoise is mined at the ancient Persian mine of Neshapur. This material is the most expensive and famous variety. However, today the most important supplier of turquoise is the USA. It should be noted though, that the majority of turquoise on today's market has been treated to improve and stabilise the colour.
There are many supposed benefits obtained from turquoise, including imparting a long life to its wearer.


Location -  Australia. USA. China, Chile, Egypt, Tibet, Iran.

Group - Turquoise R.I. - 1.61-1.65 Hardness -  6


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