Amethyst is one of the most popular of all the quartz’s. Ranging in colour from an almost colourless lilac to a rich velvety purple, amethyst has been popular in jewellery throughout the ages.
The mines of the Ural mountains in Russia have always been thought to produce the very finest specimens, although beautiful stones are also found in Namibia and Zambia. Amethyst is the most valuable of all the quartzes. Many jewellers of have found to their cost that heating an amethyst can cause an irreversible change in the stone and turn it into citrine.
With its association with the god Bacchus amethyst has long been associated with drink and is believed to help prevent drunkenness. Worn while sleeping it supposedly has the effect of reducing anger and impatience.
We keep a large range of amethyst in stock both as gemstones and crystal specimens.

  Location - Brazil, Africa, Russia and various places in the world.  

Group - Quartz

R.I. - 1..544-1.553

Hardness - 7

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