We use the calcified skeletons of coral in jewellery. The polyps which form these ranging, branch-like structures live in crevices and cracks in rocks and secrete a calcite substance through their bases.
00000The most valuable colour is the dark red colour, but coral also comes in pink, white, black and blue (the latter two being virtually unobtainable now).
00000Found mainly on the coasts of the Western Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay, Canary Isles, and Japan, as well as northern Australia and in the Red Sea, coral is harvested in a wide-meshed, weighted net that is dragged across the sea bed, a method that destroys a lot of useful material.
00000Coral is said to aid fertility, strength and longevity. It is also reputed to help with colds and fever.
00000We keep a reasonable range of coral in stock starting from 2mm round. This is a natural resource and some sizes and colours can be difficult to source. Please phone or e-mail with your inquiry.


Group --Organic (mainly calcium carbonate) 

Hardness - 2-2.5

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